The Haunting Hour – 2024

Thursday, April, 11, 9:15 PM

Welcome Home
Director: Leonardo Pirondi, Experimental, USA, 4 min
A constructed environment haunted by its creator’s ability to remain omnipresent. Designed with dubious goals, this room, or startup screen, is constructed to welcome you to The New Frontier of the digital era.

Director: Ashley Kouri, Experimental, USA, 4 min
The artists reflections after the death of her father.

Melania Infinitum
Director: Ben Young, Experimental, UK, 5 min
Artificial General Intelligence assumes the persona of America’s most elusive First Lady to commune with her human progenitors. Melania traverses deep time and space, encountering – among many others – a Supreme Being who looks a lot like Anna Wintour.

Ghost Song
Directors: Joseph Keckler, M. Sharkey, Music Video, USA, 6 min
A narrator reveals the details of a mysterious, transformative encounter that took place in a remote locale.

Director: Anton Cla, Animation, Belgium, 13 min
An old woman is carrying her shopping bags. A child with a gun on his back rides a scooter. Birds are flying. A city is falling. A party is lit.

Olga’s Eyes
Director: Sarah Carlot Jaber, Narrative, Belgium, 22 min
A music-loving octogenarian, is tired of killing humans. Could it be the vampire blues? For her daughter Simone, she’s just being picky!

Why Are You Image Plus?
Director: Diogo Baldaia, Experimental, Portugal, 9 min
A little girl who passed away too soon is desperate to talk to her grandmother. She decides to possess a young boy but an old spirit interferes with her plans.

Director: Ava Maria Safai, Narrative, Canada, 15 min
On her 16th birthday, singer-songwriter Melody awakens with a zipper sewn to her mouth. A story about the voiceless, who must fight to be heard.

Director: Liang Xia Luscombe, Experimental, USA, 13 min
Leave’ uses puppetry to explore representations of Caucasian women and drunkenness in film and television.

Enmity Djinn
Director: Mohamed Echkouna, Narrative, Mauritania, 19 min
A matriarch is forced to confront a malevolent djinn that once haunted her past. A Djinn folktale reimagined.