The Good Days and Bad Days – 2024

Thursday, April 11, 1:00 PM

Her Dress for the Final
Director: Martina Mestrovic, Animation, Croatia, 9 min
One day my granny dyed her wedding dress black. She wanted to be buried in it.

Directors: Lindsey Martin, Sam Dodd, Narrative, USA, 11 min
Two life-long friends find their way to their 41st year high school reunion while navigating their former school building.

Lonia & Bronia
Directors: Julia Pelka, Paulina Skibińska, Narrative, Poland, 7 min
Twin sisters Lonia and Bronia make the world their stage on a wild tour of Warsaw set to the music of the city.

The Old Young Crow
Director: Liam LoPinto, Narrative, Japan, USA, 12 min
An Iranian boy befriends an old Japanese woman at a graveyard in Tokyo.

Boi De Conchas (The Shell Covered Ox)
Director: Daniel Barosa, Narrative, Brazil, USA, 15 min
While mourning her missing sister, Rayane balances helping her fisherman father and practicing for the school’s music festival – provided she doesn’t become an ox first, a misfortune assailing several teenagers in the area.

Director: Fiona Hampton, Narrative, UK, 12 min
A dark comedy with a magical twist exploring motherhood, friendship, and what it means to be an adult.

Bad Driver
Director: Antonia Grilikhes-Lasky, Narrative, USA, 6 min
The end of a relationship leaves a woman desperate to reassert her independence by overcoming her driving phobia. But when she finds herself in the driver’s seat, she turns into a compulsive oversharer who can’t start the car. Luckily, her new driving companion won’t let her off the hook so easy.

Fire Fucking Fire
Directors: Julia Eringer, Rachel Paulson, Narrative, USA, 17 min
When Ally (Rachel Paulson) – a type A, people-pleasing lesbian – beds her rock star crush Meg (Calico Cooper) – front(wo)man of band Fire Fire – she thinks her dreams of love and popularity are finally coming true… but then, in the morning, Meg won’t leave. In fact, she’s planning to stay. This anti-rom com reaches a crescendo when Ally’s Instagram dreamscape becomes a hilarious, anxiety-inducing, “invasion of privacy” nightmare.

Director: Caroline Corbasson, Experimental, France, 16 min
A journey of exploration and wonder as a group of friends hike up mountain to view the rising sun, then transcend.