The Family We Make – 2018

Friday, April 13, 3:30 PM

Lessons From Logan
Director: Sarah Kadish
12 minutes

Lessons from Logan utilizes found footage and interviews to explore the relationship between the filmmaker and her grandpa, as she grows older and learns that he wasn’t always a pillar in their family.

The Good Fight
Director: Ben Holman
17 minutes

Alan Duarte has lost nine close family members to gun violence in his favela community in Rio de Janeiro.

Top Row
Director: Karin Argoud
19 minutes

Every student should have a place in High School where they can be free to be themselves.

Saltwater Baptism
Directors: Jared Callahan/Russell Sheaffer
17 minutes

As graduation nears, Santi struggles to reconcile his traditional, Christian, Mexican-American upbringing with his new life as an openly gay man.

Talk to My Son
Director: Sangsun Choi
14 minutes
Republic of Korea

Kyung-hee, a barista in South Korea, is a North Korean defector who left her son in China 13 years ago. With the help of a filmmaker, she records her voice for her son to explain the story of his birth and why she had to leave him.

Fighting Cuba’s Boxing Ban
Director: Ora Dekornfeld
10 minutes

In 2016, thirty-six female boxers competed at the Summer Olympics, despite the Cuban government’s ban on women competing in the sport.