Shuffle – Shorts 2022

Monday, April 4, 9:00 PM

NdbyCrs Director: Sondra Walker Boyle, Music Video, USA, 2 min
Experimental Music video created with Max/MSP/Jitter

Hand Director: Tsz Wing Ho, Animation, Hong Kong, 6 min
The weird beauty of hand creatures, gestures, geometric shapes and abstract patterns.

The Drift Director: Richard Negre, Experimental, France, 6 min
First was the tracing of a shape, then the tracing of the repeated shape, and so on, from day one of lockdown over a year. Taking the pulse of this confusing time, that was the goal.

JNKYRD Director: Gyuri Cloe Lee, Music Video, South Korea, 2 min
It’s the end of August, the varsity soccer pre-season is almost over.

Someone Who Doesn’t Know You Director: Albert Rudnitsky, Music Video, USA, 6 min
Desperately in love Romeo came to the Capulet rooftop to find her…

Concession Stand Girl Director: Corrinne James, Music Video, USA, 3 min
A frog morphs through a colorful animated world, transforming into a variety of characters and landscapes.

Ten Degrees of Strange Director: Lynn Tomlinson, Music Video, USA, 4 min
Trying to outrun anxiety, seeking joy and strength in landscape and movement.

After The Dance Director: Shunsaku Hayashi, Music Video, Japan, 4 min
This work is inspired by the realisation that someone you thought you knew has changed in frightening ways. Our understanding of people is mediated by our own experience, limited, and the indirect ritualism of relationships is like dance or sport.

Incomplete Director: Dalena Tran, Music Video, USA, 4 min
An ode to what artist and media theorist Hito Steyerl coins the poor image.

Matadata – Consciousness Transfers to Origins Director: Bingi Bongi, Music Video, Latvia, 5 min
The Trip and New Age of Gretel & Hansel.

Taycan – Ovala Director: Firat Gürgen, Music Video, Germany, Turkey, 5 min
Don’t you think it’s time we rub off some norms without lingering?

Money or Bullets Director: Nadia Michelle Granados Delgado, Music Video, Colombia, 5 min
The personification of a hitman in a parody of a music video, inspired by the figure of the bad-man-rapper. He tells a fiction in which the act of killing is banalized, as in action movies, one after another riddled under the bullets of the protagonists. The stories around the crimes resemble reality, the protagonist reflects on his danger, confesses and feels proud of his murders.

John L – Black Midi Director: Nina McNeely, Music Video, USA, 6 min
An absurdist dance and animation extravaganza about when cult followers turn on their leader.

Raindrops – IAMEVE Directors: Kelon Cen, Patrick McPheron, Music Video, USA, 4 min
Born into an ethereal multiverse, a light-being named Eve undergoes a metamorphosis, splitting off and reuniting with her offshoots in a whimsical and musical exploration of human archetypes and soul travel.

Pécho Directors: Luis Villanueva, Pier Paolo Piccoli, Mason Coburn, Music Video, Philippines, USA, 3 min
A bilingual French-English music video inspired by classic French disco and world cinema from Hong Kong to Manila to New York— a non-linear narrative drives the film’s plot as it paints the artists within an imaginative, hallucinatory vignette of love and betrayal.

ADHD – Säye Skye Director: Sina Dolati, Music Video, Canada, 5 min
ADHD the music video celebrates Attention Hyperactivity Disorder as a superpower.

Game Change Director: Michal Hudzikowski, Music Video, Poland, 4 min
A music video

Decoration – Dino Brandao Director: Julien Chavaillaz, Music Video, Switzerland, 4 min
When sculptures come to life.

August sings ‘Una furtiva lagrima’ Director: Daniel Moshel, Music Video, Austria, Hungary, 8 min
The intergalactic music nerds August and Elfi conquer the opera stage and orchestrate their final adventure in an opulent manner.

The Mirror Neuron Director: Tommy Becker, Experimental, USA, 16 min
Celebrating our biology through a series of musically driven gestures intended to activate our neural networks.