Point of View – Shorts 2022

Sunday, April 3, 1:00 PM

Bacon ‘N’ Laces Director: Stephen Michael Simon, Documentary, USA, 20 min
A single dad of three boys manages a diner. But, there’s more to John than meets the eye.

At Eye Level Director: Mauro Mueller, Documentary, Greece, Iran, Mexico, Switzerland, USA, Viet Nam , 17 min
Six people. Six countries. Experience one of their days from sunrise to sunset and be put in their (wheel)chair. Entirely shot on the GoProMax 360.

Reality is Not Good Enough Director: Rashayla Marie Brown, Experimental, USA, 20 min
A tribute to the director’s mother, who dreamed of being a reality TV star, no matter how exploited she might become.

The Sentence of Michael Thompson Directors: Kyle Thrash, Haley Elizabeth Anderson, Documentary, USA, 26 min
Michael Thompson is the longest serving non-violent offender in the history of Michigan and he is finally up for clemency. In 1994, he was arrested for selling three pounds of marijuana to a close friend turned police informant and was sentenced to 40 to 60 years in prison and has been there ever since. After 25 years, three appeals, and two denied applications for clemency it seems like Michael may finally have a chance at freedom

Neurodivergent Director: Afton Quast Saler, Documentary, USA, 25 min
From post-it notes to keys, pens, rubber bands, & receipts, the unorganized chaos of a junk drawer is the perfect representation of what goes on in the mind of someone with ADHD.