Pangea – 2023

Thursday, April 13, 5:00 PM

Director: Aleksandra Odić, Narrative, Germany, 19 min
An encounter between a young nurse and her patient of the same age, Frida, on the border of professional distance and the desire for closeness.

The Voice Actress
Director: Anna J. Takayama, Narrative, Japan, 15 min
Kingyo, a veteran voice actress working in Tokyo, possesses a unique ability to see the soul in all things, living and inanimate. The voice acting world is changing and Kingyo must find a way to reconcile her way of living with the modern industry.

Have You Seen that Man?
Director: Yotam Ben-David, Narrative, Romania, 15 min
An 8 year old boy finds a dead man’s body at the top of a mountain. As he knocks on doors, a portrait of a village is revealed – a place torn between the traditions of the past and the violence of contemporary reality.

Director: Amartei Armar, Narrative, Ghana, 20 min
Three connected generations of lost Ghanaian women fight to find meaning from both their lives and that of their young African nation, as they awaken in a strange ancestral land.

Director: Mohamed Bouhari, Narrative, Morocco, 20 min
Every night, a fisherman tells his son about his heroic adventures at the bottom of the sea. One day the child discovers the truth.

Director: Pol De Plecker, Narrative, Belgium, Iceland, 20 min
Three men, surrounded by sleeping passengers, wake up on a stationary train. When it leaves them behind in a desolate area, a journey through a graphic snowy landscape begins.