Limits – 2023

Wednesday, April 12, 1:00 PM

The Cave
Directors: Jinman Kim, Jiyoung Chon, Animation, South Korea, 14 min
The boy longs for his father’s affection, but his father is only interested in fishing. One day, his father dies of pneumonia, and the boy’s sense of loss turns into an obsession with his father’s belongings.

Truck Fishing in America
Director: Shelley Delaney, Narrative, USA, 16 min
The story of Danny and Jerry, two lost white men at odds with their own failed expectations. Men who work part of the year and drink the rest. Men who in other guises could be rioting in the capital or dying of an overdose.

Castles in the Sky
Director: Pearl Gluck, Narrative, USA, 30 min
Living in a cloistered Hasidic milieu in Brooklyn, Malke is a Holocaust survivor and a beloved sex-ed teacher who has never been able to have children of her own. However, Malke has secretly been slamming poetry in New York’s Lower East Side for the last three decades, defying all communal norms and laws.

Director: Andreas Kessler, Narrative, Germany, 33 min
Twelve year old violin player Mitka is supposed to execute an attack on several SS officers in the name of a ukrainian partisan movement. But this attempt will also put his only friend in life danger.