Let’s Face It – Shorts 2020

Saturday 10/16 3:00 PM

I Don’t Know When the Armageddon Is video still

I Don’t Know When the Armageddon Is
Director: Casey Puccini, Experimental, USA, 7 min.
An aural and visual treat served up by the Puccini Family.

24 video still

Director: Brian Yulo Ng, Animation, Philippines, Singapore, USA, 3 min.
Issues of culture, memory and trauma seen through the lens of a person born between identities.


Director: Daniel Daly, Experimental, USA, 4 min.
An Experimental, shot on some of the last produced Fuji 35mm motion picture film.

Director: Zehong Zhu, Animation, UK, 5 min.
A short film about how a girl faces a group of crows.

Director: Bryget Anderson, Experimental, USA, 5 min.

Turn video still

Director: Shelly Silver, Experimental, Germany, 4 min.
In 1959, Jean Seberg stares into Raoul Coutard’s 35mm camera lens and then turns – the closing frame of Godard’s Breathless is the back of her head. For the film it is a closing. For her character it is less clear. Is it a refusal? A denial? A shying away from? An admission of guilt or not caring? A disappearing act? In 2017 on the streets of Berlin, twenty-three women, friends and passersby, reverse Seberg’s action.

Oh My Homeland video still

Oh My Homeland
Director: Stephanie M Barber, Experimental, USA, 4 min.
In 1985 the great soprano Leontyne Price sung the title role in Verdi’s Aida as her farewell opera. After the ‘O patria mia’ aria, the audience breaks into applause.

Where am I? video still

Where Am I?
Director: Cheng Qiu, Animation, UK, 5 min.
What do you see inside the mist?

Those That Tremble as if They Were Mad video still

Those That Tremble as if They Were Mad
Director: Salma Shamel, Experimental, Egypt, USA, 11 min.
A committee was formed by the Egyptian government in the wake of the 2011 revolution to assemble an archive of the recent past. After some killings and a coup d’état the committee was dissolved. “Those That Tremble as if They Were Mad” is a story of failure and relief, a story told through an ephemera of empty certificates, unsigned contracts, and uncelebrated witnesses.

Stan video still

Directors: JP Olsen, Kristen Nutile, Documentary, USA, 9 min.
STAN is an experimental documentary based around the life of former heroin addict, Stan, who was among several thousand New York City teens in the 1940s who made up the world’s first teenage opioid epidemic. Using contemporarily shot footage, the film explores the shifting nature of drug use, its changing populations and recalls a time in the USA when drug treatment was virtually unavailable.

The Barber of New Kensington
Director: Tony Buba, Documentary, USA, 13 min.
Ninety-five year old barber talks about his life in the once wide open town of New Kensington.

The Universe According to Dan Buckley video still

The Universe According to Dan Buckley
Director: Roberto Santaguida, Experimental, USA, 10 min.
In the beginning, there was nothing. You can get nothing easily.

Uriah Plays the Alien video still

Uriah Plays the Alien
Director: Stephen Wardell, Documentary, USA, 9 min.
This film is partly an alien movie, and partly the documentation of an alien movie. But at its core is a collaboration between my younger siblings and myself that addresses the years of alienation I’ve experienced from my family after being outed as gay and initially rejected by my parents. It’s also a film about the alienation my brother Uriah experiences because of developmental disability and his muscular dystrophy. Using reenactment to address the problematic, it proposes a way of healing and moving forward out of a present moment of rejection and alienation, into a place of acceptance.

Character video still

Director: Vera Brunner-Sung, Documentary, USA, 17 min.
Actor Mark Metcalf made his reputation in Hollywood playing aggrieved authority figures. Now in his 70s, he takes a look back on his career in this meditation on power, privilege, and the perils of being a “type.”