In Motion – 2020 Shorts

Friday, 10/15, 1:00 PM

Mold video still

Director: Sujin Kim, Experimental, USA, 4 min.
A person’s movements give the appearance of a struggle of someone trying to break out of a cubical structure.

Score-for-Joanne-Kotze video still

Score for Joanne Kotze
Director: Shelly Silver, Experimental, Italy, 4 min.
There is a room. An imaginary room. An actual body of water. Sea creatures carried by the wind. Plastic. A score for the choreographer Joanna Kotze.

I Need Spaces video still

I Need Spaces
Director: Maya Holcomb, Experimental, USA, 8 min.
Maya Holcomb’s work I Need Spaces is a self-constructed dance-for-camera exploring how to find space for herself in a society overflowing with material objects. To collaged recordings of Appalachian community members speaking about their personal possessions, Maya negotiates her body in and around tight spaces packed with household, construction, and personal items.

Internal Medicine video still

Internal Medicine
Director: Mitchell Rose, Narrative, USA, 9 min.
A dark, comic study of the inner life of a doctor struggling to use that essential skill not taught in medical school: humanity.

The Young Masters video still

The Young Masters
Director: Lauren Rose Beck, Documentary, Australia, 9 min.
When an African teenager is cuffed and arrested for doing a backflip on a train platform, his public image is brought into question.

Liremu Barana video still

Liremu Barana
Director: Elvis Rigoberto Caj Cojoc, Narrative, Guatemala, 10 min.
Arisa dances every day and night to songs that tell of the struggles of her people.

Live Cinema! The Motherboard video still

Live Cinema! The Motherboard
Director: Natasha Maidoff, Experimental, USA, 6 min.
The central organizing system of a household goes mad as her mother talks about what ironing means.

My Father the Mover video still

My Father the Mover
Director: Julia Jansch, Documentary, South Africa, 13 min.
African electronic dance helps kids in the townships of South Africa transcend the grip of poverty and find their superpowers.

Girl and Body video still

Girl and Body
Director: Charlotte Mars, Narrative, Australia, 19 min.
After collapsing during rehearsals, a young dancer struggles to make sense of her mysterious medical condition.

Creature Companion video still

Creature Companion
Director: Melika Bass, Experimental, USA, 30 min.
In the American suburbs, two women mysteriously and sensuously entwine.