Growing Pains

Friday, April 12, 3:00 PM

Director: Peiman Zekavat
Narrative, Peru, 11 min.

A private video of Maria goes viral during a volleyball class in a school in Lima.

Directors: Alexia Oldini, Steven Gray
Narrative, USA, 6 min.

The story of the eviction of a young woman of color from her home.

Sain Miguel
Director: Cris Gris
Narrative, Mexico, 19 min.

In order to heal her grieving mother, Ana, pushes her faith to its limits.

The Little Goddess
Director: Gauri Adelkar
Narrative, India, 15 min.

Twelve-year-old Durga faces a life-changing decision when presented with the opportunity to leave her rural Indian village.

The Orphan
Director: Carolina Markowicz
Narrative, Brazil, 15 min.

Jonathas has been adopted but then returned due to his ‘different’ way.

Director: Carrie Love
Narrative, USA, 17 min.

Marie struggles with issues of identity and belonging as her sister passes through a coming of age ceremony.

Directors: Logan George, Celine Held
Narrative, USA, 13 min.

Struggling with feelings for her best friend, 14 year-old Marie stages an almost perfect plan.