Frames of Reference

Tuesday, April 7, 3:15 PM

Artist, Act of Love
Director: Kuukua Eshun, Narrative, Ghana, 7 min.
The process of what love looks like, exploring the complexities of home and the many forms it takes.

Regained Bathers
Director: Ludivine Large-Bessette, Experimental, France, 13 min.
Through the theme of the bather, Ludivine Large-Bessette plays in this movie with the traditional representation of the female nude, freely inspired by the painting.

Día de la Madre
Director: Ashley Brandon, Documentary, USA, 6 min.
A band of juveniles embark on a 24-hour spree of breaking into houses and causing a ruckus.

Show to Show
Director: Samuel Scott, Documentary, USA, 13 min.
The Coal Cave Hollow Boys set out on their first tour as a band to play in the fabled music city.

Director: Kevin Wells, Documentary, USA, 11 min.
“Hebo” explores the work of Sam Ezell, an outsider folk artist in Hillsborough, North Carolina.

Ashes to Ashes
Directosr: Taylor Rees, Renan Ozturk, Documentary, USA, 25 min.
Winfred Rembert, the only living survivor of a lynching, a Star Wars fanatic and leather artist, develops a friendship with Doctor Shirley Jackson Whitaker.

Broken Orchestra
Director: Charlie Tyrell, Documentary, Canada, USA, 12 min.
When the Philadelphia public-school system began losing almost all the funding for its music-education programs in 2007, hundreds of instruments in need of repair were left for dead, and community members moved to action.

Posted in Competition 2020