Cold Sweats – 2023

Wednesday, April 12, 9:15 PM

Director: Ashley Kouri, Experimental, USA, 3 min
A poetic depiction of the artist’s grief.

Maximum Umbra
Director: Kelly Sears, Experimental, USA, 3 min
Maximum Umbra is an alternate account of the solar eclipse in 2017. Images and sounds recorded at this event conjure an unexpected celestial disaster.

The Law Of The Jungle Gym
Director: Yoon Hei Cho, Animation, USA, 6 min
Lunchtime at a peaceful school, children discover that they can transform into animals, the only problem is when would they stop?

Craven Gap
Director: Jonathan Furnell, Experimental, USA, 5 min
A newlywed couple drifts off to sleep in a cozy cabin, only to be awakened by a terrible noise. An Appalachian folktale brought to life through experimental animation.

The Voice in Isabel Fleiss’s Office
Director: Jim Haverkamp, Narrative, USA, 6 min
A woman with an unusual malady–cobweb buildup in the throat–receives an even more unusual treatment in this adaptation of a surreal poem by North Carolina writer Virgil Renfroe.

Language Unknown
Director: Janelle VanderKelen, Experimental, Spain, USA, 6 min
Leaves, mycelium, and roots playfully examine how humans experience the world, and the supposedly silent watchers consider what language those swift blurs of human might possibly understand.

That’s Our Time
Director: Alex Backes, Narrative, USA, 10 min
Danny’s stuck in a dead-end job. It keeps him focused on the clock and unable to connect with those around him. At their final session, his sympathetic therapist tries to help him realize that it’s more important to focus on the time you have left than the time you’ve already spent.

Bellingham’s Belief
Director: Tom Salvaggio, Narrative, USA, 9 mnin
1954 – Panic erupts when the citizens of Bellingham, Washington notice strange cracks in their car windshields. What is causing this mysterious phenomenon?

Director: Francesco Montagner, Experimental, Czech Republic, Slovakia, 15 min
Under the burning sun, a solitary bull awaits tireless, whilst a man jumps deep into the darkest waters of his persona, in their common attempt to defeat death.

Director: Will Rahilly, Experimental, USA, 17 min
A woman crossing a bridge on her walk home feels a sudden impulse to peer over at the river below.

The Möbius Trip
Director: Simone Smith, Narrative, UK, 16 min
A road trip pushes a dysfunctional family to the brink after their journey descends into a claustrophobic hallucinatory nightmare.