Chèche Lavi (Looking for Life) – Feature 2020

Monday, 10/18, 7:30 PM

Tuesday, 10/19, 3:30 PM

Chéche Levi

Chèche Lavi (Looking for Life)
Director: Sam Ellison
Documentary, Haiti, Mexico 76 min.

Two Haitian migrants find themselves stranded at the US-Mexico border, strangers in a strange land. With no way forward and no one to depend on but each other, difficult choices lead the two friends towards very different futures.
Lyrical and patient, with a careful eye for cultural and linguistic detail, this is a film about longing for a place to fit in, longing for a stable life, for connection and companionship. It isn’t about crossing borders; it’s about how it feels when you can’t get across. It’s about what happens when you end up in a totally unexpected place. When you have to start over.

Plays with:

A Line Birds Cannot See

A Line Birds Cannot See
Director: Amy Bench, Documentary, USA, 9 min.

Separated from her mother by smugglers at the border, a determined 12-year-old sets out across the desert.