Charms – Shorts 2021

Tuesday, 10/18, 5:00 PM


Director: Rowan Gray, Narrative, Canada, 11 mins.
Discovering her ailing grandmother has escaped, Eden must track her down through a harsh Canadian winter landscape. The two women and their conflicting perceptions lead to a final, singular reality.

Director: Martin Monk, Narrative, Austria, 18 mins.
After falling out with her mother, rebellious Sofia wants to hitchhike to Italy in search of her biological father. In haste, she stuffs a few things in her backpack and sets off in the early hours of a Viennese summer morning.


Director: Nicole Emanuele, Narrative, USA, 11 mins.
A platonic meet-cute at a bus stop whimsically spirals into a surprising connection between a makeup artist and a nun.

Strawberry Shake
Director: Dianne Bellino, Narrative, USA, 16 mins.
A troubled young mother tries to win back her two kids with a pet rabbit and pink dessert.

The Rose of Manila

The Rose of Manila
Director: Alex Westfall, Narrative, Philippines, 12 mins.
What is love when made real? Beauty. Archival footage and reenactment evoke a formative moment in the life of young Imelda Marcos, the infamous wife of Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

Tin Luck

Tin Luck
Director: Beatrix Blaise, Narrative, UK, 10 mins.
Drowned out by the claustrophobic noise and buzz of the block. Trey searches for clarity amongst his confusion. Amidst the chaos, one voice struggles to find an identity.

White Goldfish

White Goldfish
Director: Raf Roosens & Jan Roosens, Narrative, Belgium, 8 mins.
Stella, a 10-year old girl, stumbles on her mother’s intimate relationship with the mysterious Patty. While punishing her mother, she gets confronted with the complexity of adult relationships.

Hot Dog Steering Wheel
Director: Meg Favreau, Narrative, USA, 4 mins.
Gwen’s hot dog drive does not go as planned.

Director: Faraz Shariat & David Uzochukwu, Narrative, Croatia, 7 mins.
After a ceremonial burial in the Mediterranean Sea, a wealthy community’s yacht runs aground.