Boiling Point – 2020 Shorts

Monday, 10/18, 7:15 PM

The Evil Eye

The Evil Eye
Director: Leonore Kasper, Narrative, Romania, 15 min.
A reporter and a camera operator are visiting the camp of a protesting Roma community in Bucharest that recently got evicted.

Reminiscences of the Green Revolution

Reminiscences of the Green Revolution
Director: Dean Colin Marcial, Narrative, Philippines, 16 min.
A ghost story about love and eco-terrorism in the Philippines.


Director: Graham Holford, Narrative, USA, 14 min.
Banished and “unnatural”, Levis and Giles must learn to adapt to a the secular world.

Director: Farhad Delaram, Narrative, Iran, 15 min.
A young wants to renew her driver’s license, but when the officials notice her tattoo, they began looking at her with suspicion.

Ship a Visual Poem

Ship: a Visual Poem
Director: Terrance Daye, Narrative, USA, 12 min.
A boy learns contradicting lessons of manhood and masculinity on the day of his cousin’s funeral.

Three Blades

Three blades
Director: Matthieu Maunier-Rossi, Narrative, Haiti, 29 min.
Three men, alone with their dreams and frustrations and in every hand, there are blades.