Blank Canvas – 2023

Saturday, April 15, 7:15 PM

Last Known Interview With Zachary Weinstein (100 Years Old)
Director: Elias ZX, Experimental, USA, 8 min
I had the chance to interview a revered independent filmmaker four years after his death.

Once Upon a Dream
Director: Courtney L Kessel, Experimental, USA, 3 min
This short film questions the reality of what is seen both within the frame of the camera and through a teenager’s preoccupation on social media.

From Yousuf to Younus
Director: Mohammad Younus – Nomani, Experimental, India, 5 min
Two artist twin brothers write postcards to cope against living without one another. One who lives in New Delhi, the other lives in Athens, Ohio.

Mablo Micasso’s Dream
Director: Denise Alder, Experimental, UK, 6 min
Denise Alder brings West African art alive in Mablo Micasso’s Dream, a surreal and beautiful journey through culture and myth, using analog special effects. Set in the 1980’s, Ron Stomford, a mullet clad art critic, is reviewing a painting on his weekly TV show, when it suddenly comes alive and we are taken inside its world.

Director: Sasha Waters, Experimental, USA, 9 min
“Maybe I will cast a younger woman to perform me, the ‘hockey mom’ in the voiceover…” And so I did: six women a decade or more younger than I am, all artists I admire, speak a personal meditation on the early history of cinema, the anxiety of aging, and the woeful comedy of professional envy. 

Black Hole Legion
Directosr: Jonathan Omer Mizrahi, Ariel Sereni Brown, Documentary, Greenland, 12 min
On the foothills of Uummannaq mountain, four cybergoth teens are fighting depression. Water contamination spreads throughout the village pipelines and one cybergoth finds herself laying on a hospital bed.

One Second in Small Francs
Director: Douwe Dijkstra, Documentary, Switzerland, 11 min
Through exploring the imagery and minting dates of a collection of Swiss coins, the film takes its viewers on a journey that uncovers diverse stories about life, memories and national symbols.

Chronicle of a Summer Day
Director: Not Credited, Documentary, USA, 16 min
A community bouquet of remembrance and celebration loosely documenting John Caleb Pendleton’s (Planks & Pistils) 2021 Juneteenth floral installation.

Director: Joaquim Bayle, Narrative, France, 23 min
Roaming the streets on their tandem bike, young french post-punk musicians Micka and Pierre are filled with despair as they desperately search for a crowd to play to.