Animation Night

Friday, April 12, 9:15 PM

Slick Stan
Director: Sam Roth
Animation, USA, 2 min.

In this brief, animated commercial parody, Slick Stan the Summer of Love Salesman pitches his new product to the flower power crowd.

Director: Tess Martin
Animation, Netherlands, 7 min.

A phonotrope film about the relationship between humanity and the sun.

The Petition in Boots
Director: Gleichenhaus Films
Documentary, USA, 7 min.

A short animated documentary on the first march on Washington.

Love He Said
Director: Ines Sedan
Animation, France, 6 min.

Charles Bukowski, underground poet and punk ahead of his time, reads his poem LOVE in front of a wild audience.

Dancing Frog
Director: Kim Jinman
Animation, South Korea, 9 min.

When you realize that everyone is connected, all our moves become dances.

Director: Claudius Gentinetta
Animation, Switzerland, 4 min.

A fireworks display of grinning people who lose themselves in the abysses of human existence.

Grand Bassin
Directors: Héloïse Courtois, Chloé Plat, Victori Jalabert, Adèle Raigneau
Animation, France, 7 min.

An afternoon at the swimming pool.

Director: Nikita Diakur
Animation, Germany, 3 min.

Drone. Stunt. Rave.

Random Thoughts
Director: Steven Vander Meer
Animation, USA, 8 min.

An undaunted filmmaker searches for inspiration and a bathroom.

Facing It
Director: Sam Gainsborough
Animation, UK, 8 min.

As a man anxiously awaits a meeting in the local pub, he is forced to explore his own difficult memories and relationships.

The Cat
Director: Maggie Turner
Animation, USA, 3 min.

Marie wants nothing more than a good night’s sleep, but, a lurking creature has other plans.

The Christmas Rabbit
Director: Christophe Lopez-Huici
Animation, UK, 11 min.

On Christmas eve, an old lady finds her beloved cat dead.

The Phantom 52
Director: Geoff Marslett
Animation, USA, 8 min.

A lonely trucker waits for a reply on his CB radio.

The Elephant’s Song
Director: Lynn Tomlinson
Animation, USA, 8 min.

The true and tragic tale of Old Bet who was the first circus elephant in America.

Introduction to Epilogue
Director: Indra Sproge
Animation, Latvia, 9 min.

A colorful, allegorical film about the fear of death.