2024 Awards Screening Schedule

Awards Screening Schedules:
See the full list of awards here: http://athensfilmfest.org/2024-awards/

Awards Screening #1 Sunday, April 14, 5:00 PM

1st Prize Narrative Short (Academy Awards® Qualifying)
250km Director: Hasmik Movsisyan, Narrative, Armenia, 23 min

1st Prize Animation Short (Academy Awards® Qualifying)
Flutz Director: Ryan McCown, Animation, USA, 8 min

1st Prize Music Video
Miles Davis – What’s Love Got to Do With It Director: Irina Rubina, Music Video, Germany, USA, 4 min

Programmers Prize (Given by the Assistant Programming Team: Terra Talamh and Josh Vieth)
After The Ringing of The Bell Director: Shahrzad Ebrahimi, Experimental, Iran, 12 min

Film House (for Visionary Filmmaking)
Director: Brian Zahm, Experimental, USA, 7 min 

From the Booth (Given by the Projection Team: Rachel Allegra, Dan Bruell, Dan Moray)
A Body Called Life Director: Spencer MacDonald, Documentary, Poland, 15 min

Directors Prize (Given by Festival Director: David Colagiovanni)
Visible Mending Director: Samantha Moore, Animation, UK, 9 min

Ohio Student Film Award
In English, & Then Spanish Director: Madeline McSteen, Documentary, USA, 12 min

Special Jury Mention
White Grass Director: Justin Kim WooSŏk, Documentary, Mongolia, 16 min

Awards Screening #2 Sunday, April 14, 7:00 PM

1st Prize Documentary Short 
Fata Morgana Director: Daood Alabdulaa, Documentary, Qatar, 29 min

1st Prize Experimental
Living Reality Director: Philip Thompson, Narrative, USA, 16 min  

Black Bear Award (for Best Use of Sound and in Honor of John Butler)
Amplified Director: Dina Naser, Narrative, Jordan, 19 min

Special Jury Mention
The Role Director: Paolo Chianta, Animation, UK, 6 min

Special Jury Mention
Shedding Director: Nicolau, Narrative, Brazil, 14 min 

Special Jury Mention
Antipolis Director: Kaspar Jancis, Animation, Estonia, 26 min