The Man With The Silver Case

The Man With The Silver Case
Director: Colin Best
Narrative, Switzerland, 89 min.

Monday, April 6, 9:00 PM

Already killing himself with drugs & alcohol, an anonymous American agent, the Man in Gray, accepts a deadly job: deliver a suitcase to a shadowy organization. Though handcuffed to his wrist, he remains incurious to its contents even he is running from those who will murder for it. When the company he works for starts tearing itself up, he escapes to a safe house which puts him in contact with a family unprepared for the havoc he brings. While hiding and waiting, he finds himself struggling with a nihilism that demands he destroy everything he encounters because it’s the only way to get a job done. Like Melville and Haneke The Man With the Silver Case binds style, politics and genre for a new generation. Shot in native b/w the snowy and rugged Lauterbrunne Valley contrasts against an anonymous man fighting against the wasteful self-destruction he encourages in his life.

Posted in Competition 2020, Feature 2020