2015 Competition Films

Below is a list of this year’s Competition Films.
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Unless noted here, all events take place at
The Athena Cinema
20 S Court St, Athens, OH 45701
(740) 592-5106

We’ve noted below if the filmmaker will be in attendance.


Friday, April 3, 2015

5:15 PM    American Native, with The Vow

7:15 PM    Vince Giordano, preceded by Here’s That Second Chance You Hoped for Robert H. Goss

9:00 PM    Gendered Explorations


Saturday, April 4, 2015

10:00 AM   Cartoons for Kids

1:00 PM    Avant Garde Constructions

1:30 PM    Brotherly Love

3:00 PM    Sacred Ground, with Devil’s Work

3:15 PM    Death Delay Thy Sting

5:00 PM    Welcome to This House, with Poet Against Prejudice

5:15 PM    Teddy Boy, with Want It

5:15 PM    Tangled Technologies

9:30 PM    Comedy Night


Sunday April 5, 2015

1:00 PM    States of Grace, with For the Records, Goran, and the Art of Richard Thompson

1:15 PM    War Stories

1:30 PM    Just For the Fun of It

3:00 PM    Proud Citizen, with Le Refuge

3:15 PM    Queers in the Kingdom, with Penny

3:30 PM    Visions, Dreams and Nightmares

5:15 PM    A New (Old) Land

5:15 PM    Lost in the Bewilderness

7:15 PM    Coming of Age

9:15 PM    Cartoons for Adults


Monday April 6, 2015

1:00 PM    Neptune

1:15 PM    Lejos de la orilla, and In Between

1:30 PM    Living in America

3:00 PM    The Gospel According to Charlie, with I Thought I Told You to Shut Up, and Rudy’s Old Hat

3:15 PM    Crying Earth Rise Up, with Totes Land and Broken Landscape

3:30 PM    Men, Women, and Beasts

5:15 PM    Cincinnati Goddamn, with Breaking In

5:15 PM    Mothers & Daughters

9:45 PM    Experimental Dispatches


Tuesday April 7, 2015

1:00 PM    New World Orders

1:15 PM    Con dinero el Perro, with Rediscovering John Berryman

1:30 PM    Time, Space, Erosions

3:00 PM    Paul Sharits, with The Glass Record and Chronotopes II

3:15 PM    Rural Life *Filmmaker in Attendance

3:30 PM    Ghosts of Amistad, and The Sound Man

5:00 PM    Wildlike

5:15 PM    Short (Experimental) Documentaries

7:00 PM    A Father’s Love

7:30 PM    What Just Happened

9:00 PM    Gazelle – The Love Issue, with 20 Years of Joy, and Lady of the Night

9:15 PM    Experimental Landscapes


Wednesday April 8, 2015

1:00 PM    Sisters Doing it For Themselves: Six Inspirational Shorts

1:15 PM    Layers, Textures, Correspondences

1:30 PM    People Are The Sky, preceded by At Thirty, the Party Was Over

3:00 PM    Experimental Performances

3:15 PM    My Private Life, with The Album and Vaterland

3:30 PM    Beyond These Walls, with Fur Peace Ranch and One Among Birds

5:00 PM    Nocturne

5:15 PM    Caring for Others: Eight shorts about tending to your loved one

7:15 PM    Harvest

7:30 PM    The Evolution of Bert

9:30 PM    Modern Love: Ten shorts about love, love, and more love


Thursday, April 9, 2015

1:00 PM    Tell Me a Story- Six Great Short Narratives

1:15 PM    Family (Dys) function

1:30 PM    Nefertiti’s Daughters, with Listen

3:00 PM    Living Stateless, and Nuclear Empire

3:00 PM    Working for a Living

3:30 PM    Wander, Wonder, Wilderness, with Yangtze Drift and Sandy

5:00 PM    Movies About Movies

5:00 PM    Food For Thought: Three films about food as a source of sublime pleasure