2014 Full Schedule

This year’s festival will take place April 11-17, 2014

Unless noted here, all events take place at
The Athena Cinema
20 S Court St, Athens, OH 45701
(740) 592-5106

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We’ve noted below if the filmmaker will be attending.


Friday, April 11, 2014

5:00 PM    The Missing Picture

5:15 PM    It’s All So Quiet

5:30 PM    Something Necessary

7:00 PM    OJ: The Musical, preceded by Sailor’s Rhapsody

7:15 PM    Visitors

7:30 PM    Le Week-End

9:00 PM    Comedy Night *filmmakers in attendance

9:15 PM    In Bloom

9:30 PM    Wetlands (Feutchtgebiete)


Saturday, April 12, 2014

11:00 AM  Cartoons for Kids *filmmakers in attendance

12:00 PM  Jiu-Fen-Er Mountain, and One Child *filmmaker in attendance

1:00 PM    Let’s Take a Trip

1:15 PM    Arabic Dispatches

1:30 PM    Organize for a Better Life! *filmmakers in attendance

3:15 PM    New Kinds of Families

3:15 PM    Ernest and Celestine

3:30 PM    Oil Sands Karaoke, preceded by Deep Weather

5:00 PM    Experimental Narratives *filmmaker in attendance

5:15 PM    Le Week-End

5:30 PM    The Missing Picture

7:00 PM    Something Necessary

7:15 PM    In Bloom

7:30 PM    A Little Bit of Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror *filmmaker in attendance

9:00 PM    Wetlands (Feutchtgebiete)

9:15 PM    Visitors

9:30 PM    Cartoons for Big People


Sunday April 13, 2014

1:15 PM    Technology/Process

1:30 PM    Words and Poetry *filmmakers in attendance

1:30 PM    Holocaust Memories *filmmaker in attendance

3:00 PM    Memory Games

3:15 PM    The Rural Life

3:30 PM    Welcome to the Dance

5:15 PM    It’s All So Quiet

5:15 PM    Protecting/Saving Environments *filmmaker in attendance

5:15 PM    Archaeology of a Woman, preceded by Dotty

5:30 PM    Ernest and Celestine

7:00 PM    Experimental Exotics

7:15 PM    The Great Flood

9:00 PM    Late Night Avant Garde

9:00 PM    Families are Forever and One: A Story of Love and Equality

9:15 PM    Le Week-End


Monday April 14, 2014

11:00 AM  Dog Down, and The Great Incarcerator, preceded by Solitary Confinement

11:15 AM  The Only Real Game

1:00 PM    Experimental Women’s Documentaries *filmmaker in attendance

1:15 PM    Special Minds

1:30 PM    Ghina

3:00 PM    Parents and Children *filmmaker in attendance

3:15 PM    Last Call, preceded by Sticky and Collectors

3:30 PM    American Arab, with Shamed and Tryouts

5:15 PM    Experimental Excursions *filmmaker in attendance

5:15 PM    Koinonia preceded by Remission

5:30 PM    Omar

7:00 PM    An Evening with Richard Myers Guest Artist

7:15 PM    Sold, preceded by Chakshoo

7:30 PM    Le Week-End

9:10 PM    Shockwaves preceded by My Shadow is Following Me

9:15 PM    Gay Stories *filmmaker in attendance


Tuesday April 15, 2014

11:00 AM  Prison Terminal, and Natural Life

11:15 AM  Children of the Peacock and Lost Child

1:00 PM    Family Issues

1:15 PM    Musical Transcendence

1:30 PM    Daughters of Dolma

3:00 PM    Musical Stylings

3:00 PM    Everyday Life

3:15 PM    Parenting or Not

4:45 PM    Living With Disease *filmmaker in attendance

5:15 PM    Home, preceded by The Good Samaritans *filmmaker in attendance

5:15 PM    The Great Flood

7:00 PM    Micha, preceded by Samnang

7:00 PM    Particle Fever *Free Showing

7:30 PM    Visitors

9:00 PM    Le Week-End

9:15 PM    Goodbye Gauley Mountain: An Ecosexual Love Story Guest Artist


Wednesday April 16, 2014

11:00 AM  Urban Living In Manila and Ahmedabad

11:15 AM  The Longest Game

1:00 PM    Urban (Experimental) Landscapes *filmmaker in attendance

1:15 PM    The Absent Stone, preceded by Payada pa’ Satan, and Mother Corn

1:30 PM    Wrestling with Iowa, preceded by The Heat *filmmaker in attendance

3:00 PM    Mythologies, Rituals and Fairy Tales

3:15 PM    When Cultures Cross *filmmaker in attendance

3:30 PM    Being Gay

5:00 PM    Town and Country, and Dryland *filmmaker in attendance

5:15 PM    The Missing Picture

5:30 PM    Tasmanian Tiger, preceded by The Moped Diaries *filmmaker in attendance

7:00 PM    In Bloom

7:00 PM    HERadventure Guest Artist

7:15 PM    Le Week-End

9:00 PM    Omar

9:15 PM    Transgressive Sexualities

9:15 PM    The LOVE Show


Thursday, April 17, 2014

11:00 AM  Se fa saber, preceded by The Woman Who Came Back

11:15 AM  The Breath Courses Through Us, preceded by Bird Doggin!

12:40 PM  Unconditional, and Grief and a Giving Heart

1:15 PM    OHIO Women Through the Decades, preceded by Rosita Lopez for President *filmmaker in attendance

1:30 PM    War Process

1:45 PM    Le Week-End

3:00 PM    Experiments with Water and Light

3:15 PM    Ratovi and Stolica

3:30 PM    Caring for Each Other *filmmaker in attendance

5:00 PM    London Town is Burning Down

5:15 PM    Doomsdays, preceded by Messy and How to Avoid Annoying People *filmmaker in attendance

5:30 PM    Ernest and Celestine

7:00 PM    It’s All So Quiet

7:00 PM    Something Necessary

7:15 PM    The Great Flood

8:00 PM    Matthew Burtner: Deep Earth Guest Artist (located at Central Venue, 29 E Carpenter St.)

9:00 PM    Wetlands (Feutchtgebiete)

9:15 PM    Omar