What We Left Unfinished

What We Left Unfinished
Director: Mariam Ghani
Documentary, Afghanistan, UK, USA,,71 min.

Thursday, April 9, 3:15 PM

What We Left Unfinished tells the incredible and mostly true story of five unfinished feature films from the Communist era in Afghanistan, and the people who went to crazy lengths to keep making films in a time when films were weapons, filmmakers became targets, and the dreams of constantly shifting political regimes merged with the stories told onscreen. Archival fictions, present-day recollections, and Afghanistans both imagined and real slip and slide into each other in a film that reminds us that nations are inventions, and films can reinvent them.

Plays with:

Autumn Waltz
Director: Ognjen Petković
Narrative, Serbia, 19 min.

A couple is trying to reach freedom out of besieged town. On their way out stands barricaded with unfriendly soldiers.

Posted in Competition 2020, Feature 2020