Inner and Outer Space

Showing: Saturday, April 9th at 9:15 PM

Patarei Prison
Dir. Ricard Carbonell
Estonia, Experimental
3 min.

Patarei, a former barracks and tsarist army coastal battery, became a Prison, one of the major centers of Soviet repression in Tallinn (Estonia) as it was run by the KGB. In the Second World War, the Nazi army detained about a thousand Jews in this place. Today you can visit the lonely rooms.

Over_Fractured_WaterOver Fractured Water
Dir. Olivia Ciummo
USA, Experimental
5 min.

Over Fractured Water is a retelling of an industrial narrative. Legend swells in a hard to identify location as the land extraction leaves a workforce numb and petrified.

A Disaster Forever
Dir. Michael Gitlin
USA, Experimental
16 min.

Derived from a 25-year old anonymously recorded cassette tape, transcribed and re-enacted on a surround recording stage, A Disaster Forever positions us on the unfamiliar terrain of a highly idiosyncratic cosmology.

Notes from the Interior
Dir. Ben Balcom
USA, Experimental
12 min.

Wandering through the body, puzzling out a system of symbols. The trouble is, affect resists signification outright.

Body_ContoursBody Contours
Dir. Kristin Reeves
USA, Experimental
6 min.

Make movies in your mind, feel the soundtrack, and drift away from your body for the win.

Dir. Lisa Truttmann
USA, Experimental
9 min.

6500 is a video essay on the relativity of words, questioning the application of absolute values in an argument, visualized through a play on colors, their spaces, and their highly subjective perspective.

Dir. Robert Todd
USA, Experimental
8 min.

Following music through and within the light.

Half Human, Half Vapor
Dir. Mike Stoltz
USA, Experimental
12 min.

A mystic’s sculpture garden amidst hurricane damage and property foreclosure.

King James Version Genesis Chapter Nineteen
Dir. Martin Sulzer
Germany, Experimental
8 min.

Utilising motion capture and live performers, the 3D video attempts a literal re-enactment of the biblical passage of Genesis 19.

Posted in Competition 2016, Shorts