Families are Forever and One: A Story of Love and Equality

Families are forever
Families Are Forever

Director: Vivian Kleiman 21 min. USA

Tom and Wendy were devout Mormon parents living in a conservative community: Attending church every Sunday, actively serving in their ward, raising five children and knocking on doors to promote support for California’s Proposition 8 to prevent same-sex marriage. Then one day, Wendy read 13-year-old Jordon’s diary and discovered he was gay. What happened next changed their lives forever. Their story will surprise you, give you hope and move you with the possibility of change.

One: A Story of Love and Equality

Director: Becca Roth 102 min. USA

In the months leading up to the vote on North Carolina’s Amendment One, which would remove legal recognition for all couples that are not a married man and woman, filmmaker Becca Roth and her girlfriend seek to understand the personal stories of people on both sides, with the desire to relate as human beings, gain insight into the global gay marriage debate, and start a dialog.

Posted in Competition 2014