Alternative Textures

Showing: Friday, April 8th at 1:00 PM

In Defense of the Rocket
Dir. Martin Ginestie
United Kingdom, Experimental
6 min.

The rise and fall of the Middle East peace process in photos, to the rhythms of Beethoven’s 7th symphony.

A Long Way From Home
Dir. Jay Rosenblatt
USA, Experimental
3 min.

A LONG WAY FROM HOME is a hand processed celluloid invocation of Jesus’ last hours that hints at the relationship between the spirit and the flesh. Had there been actual footage of the crucifixion dug up by archaeologists, it might have looked like this.

First Rodeo
Dir. Vera Brunner-Sung
USA, Experimental
3 min.

An homage to performance, pain, and perfection.

Dir. Minjung Kim
USA, Experimental
3 min.

The physical length of our body turns into the temporal measurement on film.

Dir. Calum Walter
USA, Experimental
5 min.

RELIEF (2014) revisits footage gathered at the scene of a car accident. Using the moving image in various states of transformation, the piece looks at the ambience of a violent event, and imagines itself as its sole artifact. Images are presented as rogue data, perhaps unreliable, with both human and mechanical origins.

Dir. Snow Yunxue Fu
USA, Experimental
14 min.

My work engages in a Kantian quest to capture the experience of the sublime through the limited means of human consciousness. It is a question transcends cultural boundaries and one that opens onto fundamental inquiries into the nature of human existence: who we are and what is our significance in the material cosmos?

Dir. Dan Browne
Canada, Experimental
4 min.

An ode to my daily environment, and the presences of two beings – one newly arrived, the other recently departed.

Starfish Aorta Colossus
Dir. Lynne Sachs
USA, Experimental
5 min.

NYC poet Paolo Javier invited filmmaker Lynne Sachs to create a film that would speak to one of his poems from his newly published book Court of the Dragon (Nightboat Books). Together, they traveled through 25 years of unsplit Regular 8 mm film that Sachs had shot.

Beasts in the Garden
Dir. Lori Felker
USA, Experimental
7 min.

Seeing circles, spraying fertilizer, tickling hair, blowing feathers, playing hide-n-seek. Earthy and celestial, backyard and deep-space, so low and so up high. A music video for Beasts in the Garden by Midwest visionaries Spires That In The Sunset Rise.

Dir. Mohammad Farhang
USA, Experimental
6 min.

This is an experimental piece, inspired by the life and works of Bob Rauchenberg.

Dir. Institute for New Feeling
USA, Experimental
18 min.

We are workers in the world. We are scrapers, stuffers, spinners, churners. We make mirrors. We make gateways. We go to work everyday at the farm. We come home each day from the mill.

Dir. David Finkelstein
USA, Experimental
20 min.

A young woman is forced to live with an unsympathetic stepmother, and spends much of her time in an outhouse, escaping into books and her own vivid fantasy life. “Privy” uses oblique, poetic language, fanciful images and musical interludes to depict her daydreams and her evolving plans for escape.

Deep_intheWoods_2Deep in the Woods
Dir. Soyeon Kim
USA, Experimental
3 min.

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